First Level and Emerging Leaders

All leadership coaching programs at this management level must:
  • Quantify individual personal leadership skill improvement.
  • Ensure the achievement of business goals for their area of responsibility
Coaching programs for first level or emerging leaders are customized to the individual’s personal skill improvement needs. For example classroom training and role playing include:
  • Introduction To Coaching To Excellence
  • Difference Between a Manager and a Leader
  • Focusing on the Right Activities – Prioritization – Time Management
  • The Supervisor’s Role in Recruiting – Building a Pool of Talent
  • Culture - Maintaining and Enhancing Performance With Praise
  • Coaching Direct Reports Who Currently Meet Expectations
  • Coaching Under-Performers or People With Behavioral Issues
  • Conducting Performance Reviews - Follow Up Coaching Meetings
  • Conducting Discipline Coaching Meetings

The uniqueness of the program is the creation of an individualized post classroom coaching action plan where the coach and the participant establish leadership improvement and success goals for the next 90 days. This personalized coaching is designed not only to re-enforce the classroom training but is also aligned to the achievement of the goals established at the beginning of the program.