Leaders with Behavioral Leadership Issues

We refer to this program as “Early Intervention Coaching”. At The Center For Leadership Excellence, we often hear from executives, to whom these leaders report, that they:
  • Know about the leaders’ unsatisfactory performance or behavior, but do not know how to address them. It is almost like a silent amnesty.
  • Are reluctant to confront the situation with an otherwise valuable employee for fear of upsetting them. [no back up in place]
  • Have little or no experience or training directed at how to effectively handle the unsatisfactory leadership behavior or performance issue.
  • Know that just because a person gets good results, it does not mean they are a good leader.
  • Allow behaviors of sales rainmakers or other highly productive leaders to continue without addressing the impact their inappropriate behavior is having on their team/organization
RESULTS FROM EARLY INTERVENTION COACHING: A survey of over 40 recent participants generated the following results:
  • Over 80% of participants were performing at “acceptable” 
  • or “exceeds expectations” performance and/or behavior levels after 90 days
  • A few were re-assigned to a role for which they are better suited 
  • Two received promotions. 
  • Approximately 10% were transitioned out of the organization.