Achieving Gender Balance Goals Sourcing and Recruiting Women

Most organizations have goals to achieve gender balance but the fact remains that men leaders make up the largest percentage of leadership roles. Often the rationale heard is “We just did not have a large enough pool of women leaders to consider for this position so we hired the best person for that role and it just happened to be a man.”

Our sister organization, Career Consultants is the oldest and most experience search firm in Indiana. They have successfully completed over 100,000 searches locally and across the US.  

The Center For Leadership Excellence is now addressing the needs of its clients who truly want to achieve their gender balance goals by providing recruiting services exclusively for women. We currently are tracking over 2000 women leaders and women professionals in their careers.  Among the vertical markets we serve are Engineering, Electronics, Energy, Home Building, Manufacturing, Sales, Automation Process Instruments, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Not for Profit and Entrepreneurial Growth  businesses.


Richard Butz, Co-Founder
The Center For Leadership Excellence
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